NANOX INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2007 established by experts carrying a long term expertise in the pharmaceutical field. With the knowledge of a strong and specialized team the first 3 products were introduced in 2008 in the first 5 countries.

Today the range consist out of no less than 30 product, references targeting the intensive sporter but also the consumer looking for a healthy lifestyle. By now NANOX has a solid and reputed value in over 40 countries world wide and can be seen as a first class, premium product line, being manufactured in EUROPE.

All NANOX products are notified in the European Community and comply with the latest regulations on food and nutritional supplements as current in the EC. NANOX undertakes on a regular basis complete quality audits of its production units assuring the application of full HACCP regulations and even meeting the strict GMP standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

All NANOX supplements are highly innovative and often backed up by serious clinical trials. In contrast to many competitive brands, NANOX is not using cheap fillers and / or additives. For its whey products NANOX offers the consumer a VOLAC quality assurance.

Moving forward, our company philosophy is to remain true to our core ideals of honesty, value, innovation and excellence. Wether Nanox nutriceuticals is introducing a new fat burner, a new muscle building product or new flavors of protein, our goals will always stay the same…to produce the best products at the best price available on the market.

Nanox nutriceuticals sets the standard for original products that actually work.

Research and Development

At Nanox nutriceuticals, research is the cornerstone to all of our activities.  Our research & development team has produced innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas, including fat loss, increasing lean body mass, strength, stamina, sex drive and much more.

The pursuit of innovation is the backbone of Nanox nutriceuticals’ culture.  Not only does it shape our strategy, it also defines our purpose and governs each and every little aspect of our operations in research & development.  This rigor and setting of high standards leads to scientific breakthroughs, allowing us to set the golden standard in the industry.

Our scientists and technicians work with state-of-the-art tools to perform our double blind studies in order to deliver a range of innovative new products that enhance human performance, health and well being.  It allows us to have the confidence that when we launch a product, it will work.  We also undertake testing of competitive products wich only reinforces the confidence we have in our own product range.

Our links with many partners in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, strengthen our position to pioneer the modern nutritional supplement era.  Continuing our commitment to research, allows us to design supplements that are unrivaled in quality and efficacy.

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