TURBO Cell Anti-Cellulite Products

  • turbo cell 2Effective treatment of fat layers around the waist, belly, thighs and calves Naturally strengthen and even exercise – double effectiveness: enhance the effects of sports activities
  • Effective treatment to maintain beautiful, healthy legs: Helps define shape and strengthen connective tissues Quickly visible results: smoother, firmer, younger skin After pregnancy, liposuction or an effective diet
  • Use: The shorts can be worn for sports activities but also under clothing during the day and at night without irritating the skin. The results are proportional to the duration and frequency of use. Turbo Cell products have been tested and approved by the Department of Radiology at the University of Barcelona, Strasbourg hospital and independent laboratories in Italy and Japan 2°C local temperature increase and 33% improved circulation Promotes the intake of oxygen and nutrients Metabolism-stimulating micromassage

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