The Oatein Flapjack Bar was developed over a 9 month time period using our knowledge and experience of over 20 years in the Sports Nutrition Industry. Our Baker has produced innovative fitness orientated fitness supplements for many of the industries leading brands and was given the remit to produce something new, something fresh that the sports nutrition market had not seen before. Combining both of our knowledge, we developed the Oatein Flapjack Bar with 6 mouth-watering flavours tailored for the active and healthy lifestyle.

We decided on an Oat based recipe, giving Oatein a real home baked feel that looks and tastes like confectionary but is nutritionally balanced as a guilt free treat. Oatein is hand made in the UK and oven baked to ensure freshness and enable us to deliver the outstanding taste that is earning rave reviews from our Customers.

The flavours we have engineered in our kitchen are:-
•          Cookies and Cream
•          Cherry Bakewell
•          Chocolate Peanut Butter
•          Banoffee Pie
•          Chocolate Chip
•          Strawberry Cheesecake

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